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The 3-Day SEO Challenge will equip you with the essential tools, strategies, and support you need to elevate your website’s ranking on search engines and attract quality leads.

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Introducing: SEO Accelerator

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Here's how the challenge breaks down...



You didn’t think I’d dive into implementation without explaining the basics, did you? In this intro, I’m going to reframe SEO in a way that actually makes sense. This is super important because if the whole thing continues to be a mystery, you’ll continued to be confused. But don’t worry, I keep short, sweet, and fun 😉

In this intro module, you’re going to learn:



Research matters. We dig in & find topics/keywords that your audience is already searching for. You’ll also learn what metrics to look at, what REALLY matters, and how to formulate your chosen keywords for success.
In module three, you’re going to learn:



Now that your keyword strategy is in place, we will optimize existing pages for your website and

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