Tech should empower, not overwhelm

Every entrepreneur or business owner envisions an online business that runs like a dream. But instead, you’re often tangled in a web of tech tools, glitchy websites, and confusing jargon. Hours wasted, potential untapped, and that dream? It seems farther away.

My story

I launched Launch & Elevate after seeing passionate entrepreneurs buried under tech troubles instead of connecting deeply with their mission. Imagine a heart-centered business owner – truly in their element, sharing their gifts, and making a difference. What holds them back? More often than not, it’s the daunting technical side of things.

Whether it’s about connecting with a community, scaling up, or launching something revolutionary, the right tech strategy is a game-changer. I’ve witnessed the transformation, over and over again. While tech is my playground, I’m a holistic thinker at heart. I believe in aligning your tech strategies with your business goals, passions, and the unique essence of who you are.  Because at the end of the day, tech should be a tool that propels you forward, not an obstacle that slows you down.

When I team up with your vision, you’ll shift from being overwhelmed by tech to becoming empowered by it. Instead of firefighting tech troubles, you’ll be plotting your next big move. Because I don’t just see your business as a project, but as a dream you’re turning into reality. I truly cherish the magic I bring to the table. If ever you feel cornered by tech complexities, just remember: You’ve got an ally in me.

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Looking for real results, not just surface-level solutions?

You're tired of tech jargon and crave simple, effective solutions.

You prioritize lasting growth than just following the latest trends?

Believe in genuine connections over just boosting online numbers?

Stefanie is the girl you need in your business! She not only catered to every need I had but she worked with me over time to make sure I was happy with the work and put the extra effort and care into everything. She is incredibly helpful, patient, friendly and a great connection. I can’t thank her enough and would definitely recommend!
Maribel Estrada
Spiritual Coach

Why work with me

Diverse Tech Expertise

While WordPress is undoubtedly my jam, my skills transcend boundaries. Whether it's crafting captivating sites, diving deep into various website platforms, or seamlessly setting up online course platforms — consider it handled.

Background in Marketing & MSc in Digital Business

Equipped with a strong background in Marketing & Digital Business, I don’t just build; I optimize. Every strategy is fine-tuned for maximum visibility and engagement.

Client-Centric Collaboration

Our journey together is collaborative. Your voice, vision, and values are at the forefront of every solution crafted.

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