Create your opt-in page with Mailerlite

Welcome to this mini training!

Welcome to this mini training designed to help non-tech savvy entrepreneurs create their first opt-in page for free on Mailerlite. In this step-by-step guide, we will cover three modules to help you set up your account, design your landing page, and automate your workflow. As an entrepreneur, it’s crucial to have an email list to communicate with your audience and potential customers. By creating a lead magnet page, you can grow your email list and start building relationships with your subscribers. Don’t worry if you have zero coding experience. This training will make it easy and fun to create your first lead magnet page on Mailerlite. Let’s get started!

Learning Objectives:

By the end of this mini training, you will be able to:

  •  Create a free Mailerlite account and connect it to your website, so that you can start building and managing your email list using Mailerlite’s powerful features.
  • Create and design a captivating opt-in page using Mailerlite’s drag-and-drop editor, so that you can create an opt-in page that reflects your brand and captures the attention of your target audience.

  • Learn how to set up automated workflows for opt-ins using Mailerlite, so that you can efficiently manage your email marketing campaigns.


Lead magnet: To create a successful lead magnet, you need to offer your audience something valuable and free in exchange for their name and email address. Think about what your audience needs to understand, be aware of, or believe to want or need your paid product, program, or service down the road. There are various types of lead magnets you can create, such as cheat sheets, checklists, guides, video or audio training, challenges, quizzes, and mini-courses or training.

Domain: I recommend you to use a domain email address instead of a free email address like Gmail when sending campaigns with Mailerlite. A domain email address provides greater control over email authentication and significantly improves deliverability rates. If you don’t have a domain email address, you can purchase one for $10-15, which is an investment in your email marketing success.

A beginner's vocabulary to Email Marketing:

  1. ESP: Email service provider
  2. Opt-in page: A landing page designed to persuade visitors to provide their email address in exchange for a lead magnet or other incentive
  3. Lead magnet: An offer that entices potential customers to provide their email address
  4. Workflow: A series of automated actions triggered by a specific event or condition
  5. Automation: The process of setting up workflows to deliver targeted messages to subscribers
  6. A/B testing: Comparing two versions of an email or landing page to determine which one is more effective
  7. CTR: Click-through rate, the percentage of email recipients who click on a link
  8. Conversion rate: The percentage of website visitors who complete a desired action

Affiliate disclosure: As a Mailerlite partner, I earn a commission for any plan purchases made through my referral link. I only endorse products that I personally use and believe in. While Mailerlite is reliable and effective, the decision to use it or any other product/service is entirely up to you. Please conduct your own research before making any purchases. Thank you for supporting my business through my affiliate links.


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